27 cụm từ và thành ngữ tiếng Anh về chủ đề gia đình

Gia đình (Family) là một trong những chủ đề quen thuộc nhất trong bài thi IELTS. Các câu hỏi xoay quanh Gia đình có thể xuất hiện trong cả phần thi Nói và Viết của bài thi IELTS. Cùng 4WORDS điểm qua 27 thành ngữ về chủ đề quen thuộc này nhé!

1. Kith and Kin

  • Meaning: Family (collectively)
  • Example: When you go on a trip, it’s important to buy souvenirs for your kith and kin back home.

2. (Be the) Spitting Image

  • Meaning: Have a strong resemblance, often familial
  • Example: Look at Madeleine. She’s the spitting image of her mother.

3. Father Figure

  • Meaning: A mentor, a person who offers guidance
  • Example: After I joined the company, Frank was a father figure to me. He gave me lots of valuable advice.

4. Flesh and Blood

  • Meaning: Blood relatives, close relatives
  • Example: When all is said and done, few people understand you like your own flesh and blood, even if you don’t get along with them.

5. Like Father, Like Son

  • Meaning: Sons inherit their fathers’ traits and preferences, often even without realizing it.
  • Example: John was a great fisherman, and there’s his son Matt out on the water. Like father, like son.

6. (To) Take after someone

  • Meaning: to be very similar to an older family member.
  • Example: I take after my father. We’re both architects, and we both love soccer.

7. A chip off the old block

  • Meaning: a person is very similar (in character and personality) to one of their parents.
  • Example: Tiffany is an accomplished pianist just like her mother. She’s a chip off the old block.

8. (To) Follow in someone’s footsteps

  • Meaning: to try to achieve the same things that someone else (usually a family member) has already done.
  • Example: I decided to go into law instead of medicine. I thought about following in my father’s footsteps and becoming a surgeon, but I don’t think I’d make a great doctor.

9. In one’s blood

  • Meaning: a fundamental part of who that person is and something that is ingrained in that person’s family.
  • Example: Law is in my blood. I’m a lawyer, and so is my father, my grandfather, and two of my aunts.

10. The apple of one’s eye

  • Meaning: Someone’s favorite or most cherished person
  • Example: Our grandson is the apple of our eye. We absolutely adore him.

11. Pride and joy

  • Meaning: someone who makes that person extremely proud and happy.
  • Example: Mike retired early to spend time with his kids. They’re his pride and joy.

12. Blue Blood

  • Meaning: Person of aristocratic background
  • Example: The blue bloods generally keep to themselves, but a charity dance is a good place to see them dress up.

13. Bob’s Your Uncle

  • Meaning: The rest is easy; you’re almost finished
  • Example: Just enter the update code, register the new software, and Bob’s your uncle.

14. Like Taking Candy from a Baby

  • Meaning: Very easy
  • Example: Just watch. Getting her to go out with me will be like taking candy from a baby.

15. Run in the Family

  • Meaning: Be inherited (as a trait) by multiple members of a family
  • Example: I’m not surprised Maria has started playing in a band. Musical talent runs in her family.

16. (To) Get along with (or get on with)

  • Meaning: like each other and have a friendly relationship. (Get along with is American English, and get on with is British English.)
  • Example: “I feel fortunate that I get along with my family so well.”

17. (Just) One big happy family

  • Meaning: a group of people (often a family) get along and work well together.
  • Example: “Our firm has been successful because of our close-knit relationship. We’re one big happy family.”

18. (To) Wear the pants

  • Meaning: the person who hold the authority in a family.
    Example: “My mother was very young when I was born, so it was my grandmother who wore the pants in my house.”

19. (To) Rule the roost

  • Meaning: the person who is in charge.
  • Example: “When we were kids, my oldest sister ruled the roost. She made all the decisions and always told us what to do.”

20. Breadwinner

  • Meaning: the person who financially provides for the family.
  • Example: “Most families don’t have just one breadwinner. Both parents often work and provide financially for their children.”

21. There’s no place like home.

  • Meaning: home is the best place to be. This saying comes from the song “Home Sweet Home”. It simply means no matter where one is home is always best. It’s not only comfortable, but it’s where love and family can be found.
  • Example: After being away for so long, Tom realized there‘s no place like home

22. Children are a poor man’s riches.

  • Meaning: a poor man finds wealth through his children, partially because they bring him joy, and also because they are his legacy.
  • Example: James may have barely gotten by, but he would have made any sacrifice to see his children succeed. Children are a poor man’s riches.

23. Home is where the heart is.

  • Meaning: home is not necessarily the building that you live in, but it is where you most want to be. This is usually whereever someone’s family is, or where they grew up.
  • Example: Even though it had been 10 years since Sally had been back to her parent’s house, when she walked in the door it immediately felt like home. Home is where the heart is.

24. The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

  • Meaning: children behave like their parents. Children tend to talk like their parents, eat what their parents eat, and like what their parents like.
  • Example: Mary looks exactly like her father, right down to her nose, the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

25. A family that ____ together stays together.

  • Meaning: Is a saying that has changed over time. It was originally a family that prays together stays together. However now one can insert anything for “prays”.
  • Example: My family and I go to the park every Saturday morning. You know what they say, a family that plays together stays together.

26. You can’t choose your family….

  • Meaning: This is usually said when someone in a family has done something very bad or has an addiction. It is meant to give comfort to the affected family members.
  • Example: Just because your dad is an alcoholic, it doesn’t mean that you are responsible for what he does when he drinks, nor does it mean that you will be the same way. You can’t choose your family.

27. East or West, home is best

  • Meaning: This saying means “No matter where you go, your home is always the best place for you to return.”
  • Example: He had traveled a lot throughout his life, but spent the last years of his life in his hometown. It is understandable. East or West, home is best.

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