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4WORDS Academy, which specializes in training talented students for the international college curriculum, with many students going to top American, Australian and Canadian schools, is currently recruiting full-time teachers to join our dedicated team immediately. Positions and requirements are as follows:

* Positions: Full-time & Part-time English teacher

* Salary: 10.000.000 VNĐ – 20.000.000 VNĐ/ month

* Job Description:

  • Teaching Academic English/IELTS for high school/college students
  • Facilitating students in self-study sessions
  • Assisting curriculum design for courses on demand
  • Conducting placement test to measure new students’ levels

*Common requirements

  • A Bachelor’s Degree in English or in English Language Teaching
  • or Seniors from University of Languages and International Studies
  • Willingness to work in the evenings and on weekends
  • Experience in teaching high school students would be advantageous
  • IELTS >=7.0 and experience in teaching IELTS would be advantageous
  • Enthusiasm and abilities to plan and implement a developmentally appropriate curriculum

Here at 4WORDS Academy, we offer competitive remuneration and a supportive working environment. Don’t miss this exciting opportunity to work with enthusiastic and talented young learners who are from gifted schools in Hanoi and are determined to study abroad for higher education.

Academic Achievements from 4WORDS Academy: https://4words.edu.vn/thanh-tich-hoc-vien/

Please send your CV to info@4words.edu.vn

Contact person: Ms. Linh (+84 1686513681)

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